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Better to Paraphrase APA on Your Own or with Expert Help?

APA in text citation paraphrase could be considerably more difficult than writing for other formats and types of papers if only because of the content that you’re dealing with, this content is often very scientific. This style requires you to extensively cite writing you do in your paper, if you want to do it well you should maintain the meaning of the original as best as possible. Check our examples of APA cite paraphrase. Rehashing is very common when you are writing an academic or professional paper as this allows you to take another author’s ideas and present it as your own using an entirely new approach.
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Questions and Answers on APA Paraphrase

Want to make an outstanding paper and use a specific format? Then you have to follow general rules. If not, your article would be considered as plagiarized one and you could be rejected from the university, school or work. Read below useful information which helps you avoid such issues:

Do you know the process of correct citing?

To make it right, you have to add the author’s name and publication year to the citation.

What is the technique of proper referencing?

For knowing it, there are so many APA paraphrase guides on the web. Reading them you would discover than you should incorporate the author’s name again, the page number of the text you take and the publication year.

Hidden Hints to Use for Proper Referencing

When referencing in APA paraphrase citation format, ensure you have included all the needed information. Don’t know how to make it rightly? Check out these hints which the experts have gathered for you here:

  • It’s crucial you reference the author and the year of publication in the context. The extended paraphrase APA citation should include a page number as well.
  • To paraphrase APA you need to concentrate on the specific meaning of the original content you working with, and then do your best to maintain this. Use a wide vocabulary as possible.
  • If you take information from an online resource, insert the web page to it and refer of course.
Academic Papers
Website Content
Manuals & Reports
Business Documents
Marketing Materials
Legal Documents
General Text
and so Much More!

Get Free Examples Online from the Service

Original: To the extent that a woman’s self-image is challenged or threatened by an unattainable ideal of an impossibly thin female physique, she may well become susceptible to disruption of her self-regard and may be more likely to develop an eating disorder.
Paraphrase in Paper (APA): If a woman interprets the media’s representation of thinness as the ideal she must achieve, her sense of self-esteem might be threatened and even damaged, making her more likely to exhibit disordered eating patterns (Polivy & Herman, 2004, p. 2).
Original: “The low self-monitoring person is generally more attentive to his/her internal attitudes and dispositions than to externally based information such as others’ reactions and expectations” (Baxter, 1983, p. 29).
Paraphrase in Paper (APA): According to Baxter (1983), if a person has a low self-monitor, then he/she tends to pay more attention to his/her attitudes, rather than to the ways others might expect him/her to behave.

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