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APA Paraphrasing Citation Guide

APA or American Psychological Association style is commonly used in citing sources. There are general rules when it comes to paraphrasing citation and you need to follow it to ensure you are doing the right thing.

APA Paraphrasing Citation General Rules

  • Order of references alphabetically by last name of 1st author of every work
  • You can list down the author’s last name to be followed by initials. For two authors, you need to use ampersand “&” instead of using “and”.
  • Don’t capitalize each word in the title
  • For information that don’t have date of publication, use abbreviation “n.d” which standard for no date

APA Style Paraphrasing

When using the APA format, it is better to follow author’s date method of in-text citation. It is necessary that the year of publication and author’s last name should appear in the text. When referring to ideas of others but do not direct quoting, what you need to do is to make a reference about the year of publication and author’s name.

When it comes to summarizing or paraphrasing of others ideas, it is essential to make reference to author’s name and year of publication in your reference but it is only important to follow the guidelines in APA. This is not a problem for our paraphrase service uk team and we will gladly help you with it.

Tips For Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing is a restatement of spoken or written text with the use of different words. It does not need special punctuation but it is to be used in some words. In APA style paraphrasing information required the author’s last name as well as the year of publication. Bear in mind that the page number is not required.

Generally, paraphrasing must be attributed and introduced perfectly. You need to provide the readers enough information for them to understand who is being quoted and paraphrased. You should avoid too many details. You should avoid including title of the article or the book in your citation.

APA paraphrasing citation is difficult and many individuals truly struggle with it because of the rules and things to consider. A single mistake will ruin your paper that is why it is to be implemented the way it should be. Check out the general rules in citing and rephrasing on our paraphrase examples now!