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Perfect Example of Paraphrasing a Paragraph in Australia

What Is Paraphrasing and Why Might You Need to Use It?

Before analyzing our example of paraphrasing a paragraph in Australia, let’s make sure you know what paraphrasing is. Paraphrasing is the process that is used to rewrite something that has been said or written by another into your own different words while still maintaining the same meaning. This is commonly done when you want to have a different audience understand what has been said or to simplify or improve something to make a paraphrased sentence easier to comprehend, like in paraphrase sentence example in UK.

That difference, however, stretches across all other English-speaking countries such as Australia. Trying to understand something written by an Australian if you have been raised in the US can be a real chore. So if you are an American and want to reuse text from Australia or you are an Australian that wants to repurpose your writing for the US then you will need to use paraphrasing.

The paraphrasing process is almost the same as translation in many ways and will require you to fully understand what has been written to be able to transform it into the text required for your new audience. This can surprisingly be required when you want to use text that has been produced within another English speaking country. While English is widely spoken in the US, England, Australia, and Canada to name just a few countries there are some very wide differences. A quote often attributed to George Bernard Shaw says:

“England and America are two nations divided by a common language”.

How to Paraphrase a Paragraph in Australia

As with any paraphrasing, it is a matter of understanding and not merely something that can be achieved through just swapping words. This is why software will rarely be able to reword a paragraph effectively as it just cannot understand the original text. To paraphrase you need to:

  • Fully understand your target audience’s expectations
  • Read the original text several times to ensure that you fully understand it
  • Make notes of the main points raised within your own words
  • Arrange your notes into a logical audience
  • Rewrite the text using your own notes and words without referring to the original
  • Review the rewritten text to ensure that it is different from the original
  • Ensure that the new text uses the correct US English (If moving from Australia to the US)
  • Proofread to ensure that there are no errors.

example of paraphrasing a paragraph in australia

Example of Paraphrasing a Paragraph in Australia

The following is a paraphrase sentence example written in Australian English and then Paraphrasing it for an American audience:

Original Australian Paragraph: Having disembarked from the Aeroplane and made his way out from the airport in double quick time without having to winge about anything for a change. Richard made his way quickly to his favorite café on the ground floor of the nearby shopping centre next to the bottleshop. Once there he sat down at his usual stool at the counter and ordered a plate of prawns.

Paraphrased for an American Market: Once off the airplane Richard managed to get out of the airport quickly as he did not have to complain about anything this time around. From there he went to the mall close by where he went into his regular diner on the first floor beside the liquor store. Once inside he sat where he normally did and requested an order of shrimps.

Some Other Simple Paraphrasing Examples for Australians

The following are just some Australian words or short phrases and their equivalent in American English:

  • Sweets – Candy
  • Jam – Jelly
  • Jelly – Jell-o
  • Chips – Fries
  • Thongs – Flip Flops
  • Bum Bag – Fanny Pack (Don’t use fanny pack in Australia!)
  • Tap – Faucet
  • Shopping trolley – Shopping cart
  • Sunbake – Sunbathe
  • Sacked – Fired
  • Jumper – Sweater
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As Amy Nutt says writing for English without an accent:

“Australia, Great Britain, and America all speak the same language, but you simply have to visit each country to realize that, while they all speak English, it is far from universal language. The English spoken in Great Britain, America, and Australia has many similarities, but a surprising number of differences as well. The main reason for this is the vast distance between each country”.

Paraphrasing from Australia for a US audience can be surprisingly difficult if you do not fully understand how both speak. This really can be more like a translation than a simple paraphrasing.

We Can Paraphrase in Australian English

We have a fantastic, diverse team of expert writers specialized in various fields. Thanks to them, we can offer a wide range of services that are available in different countries. As part of our services, we offer a manual paraphrasing service that guarantees to deliver original content free of plagiarism.

You can take a look at our example of paraphrasing a paragraph in Australia to see how we can adapt our writing to a local market. Learning how to paraphrase paragraph in Australia can be a bit of a challenge if you do not know the local costumes. That’s why we work with Australian writers to make sure the message connect with the local reader.

We also provide summarizing, writing, proofreading, and editing services that can be adjusted to the type of English you want. If you choose our services you will benefit from many things. Our reliable team guarantees that you will always receive your order on time and that it will be a well-written and original paper.

You will also benefit from our money-back guarantee and free plagiarism report. Plus, our support team works around the clock to help you with any problems you may have. Because of our diverse team of writers, we can serve in the following Australian cities:

  • Sydney
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If you are struggling, feel free to contact our experts in case you cannot follow our example of paraphrasing a paragraph in Australia!