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How to APA Paraphrase Citation

Paraphrasing is tricky and it is important to be sure that you will not copy the original author’s wording and style. Even though you have citations, you need to do it perfectly or else it will be considered as plagiarism. Charges on plagiarism can be avoided when you do the right thing.

APA Paraphrase Citation Tips

Citing direct quotes: When quoting, it is important to provide the year, author’s name and page citation or page number of the material in the text. Make sure to provide complete references in your list. When citing a direct quotation, it is important to cite the source.

Citing paraphrases:

  • One work by one author: It is important to include the surname of the author and year of publication. Make sure that it would be included in the text at appropriate points.
  • One work by multiple authors: When a work has more than two authors, our paraphrasing services experts recommend to cite the names of them the first time the reference occurs, for succeeding citations, cite only the surname. For two authors, cite their both names.
  • Groups as authors: Names of groups should be spelled out every time it appears in the text.

APA Format Paraphrasing

Even though you include information with the use of your words by paraphrasing or summarizing, it is necessary to cite the original researcher or author as well as the date of the publication. You are also required to provide a paragraph number.

Follow The Rules

When it comes to APA paraphrase citation, there are always being rules that you can follow. You will know when you read about the APA style and in order to avoid mistakes, you need to read and fully understand it. Take note that there are different citations that you need to do which include citing two authors, different number of authors, direct quotes, citing information with no page numbers and more.

If you follow the rules on paraphrase citation tips, you will never go wrong and make any mistakes. Each time you paraphrase a paragraph or cite, do not forget about what you need to do. If you make mistakes, your paper will be ruined.