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The Way to Paraphrase Paragraphs Effortlessly

Would You Like to Paraphrase a Paragraph Correctly?

Rehashing is going to be a tough task no matter what kind of writing assignment you need to complete, but the more difficult and advanced the content you are working with the more difficult it’ll be to say the same thing with different words, you may even need a professional in this case. The most important thing when paraphrase my paragraph is to take it to step by step, word by word, and make sure that not just you’re getting the meaning of individual sentences, but you’re communicating as a statement the same thing the author wanted as well.

how to paraphrase a paragraph

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Some Important Essentials to Keep in Mind

If you think that reformulating is just changing word order, you are probably mistaken. Paraphrase paragraphs process doesn’t consist of changing a few words, nor forgetting to include the references from the original source. To ensure you make it right, take note of the following answers and ensure you apply them:

What is a good example of changed text?

An example is a demonstration of how to create good text effectively. You can use it as a guide, or to compare your text with it. It is a useful tool which would help you improve your writing skills.

How do you work with the assigned text?

First, you’ll have to locate the main arguments of the text and the topic – make sure you understand its meaning. Start by explaining small fragments of the text and quote any unique terminology or passages that you want to include in your paper. Remember to add the reference at the end to escape from any plagiarism issues. Your paraphrased text should be completely different from the original source but carry the same meaning. Otherwise, it couldn’t be regarded.

What is the whole process of writing?

If you want to paraphrase paragraph you will need to locate the keywords first – those are the ones that capture the essence of the passage. Once you have them, explain to them using your own words and cite any phrases you have included. Do not forget to add a reference (this should vary depending on the citing style you need to follow).

original paraphrase example  paraphrase example paraphrased

Have a Difficult Text to Write? See These Helpful Tricks!

If you are not familiar with the subject, likely you’d struggle with paragraph paraphrase. Learning the whole process of it could be time-consuming. To ensure you do it properly, take a look at this easy guide:

  • When dealing with difficult texts, you will have to highlight the words you do not understand and look for them in the dictionary. Once you know what they mean, read the text several times and add some notes on the side if you have any doubts.
  • Look for external references online which may support you understand the passage you are struggling with.
  • Once you are confident enough you have understood the meaning of the text, you can start explaining it.
  • Beginning by describing small fragments of the text using your own words. This would prevent you from getting lost and writing gibberish.
  • Quote any phrases and terminology you’ve copied from the original text and add the reference at the end of the text block or statement.
  • Proofread your paper when you finish writing it and fix any mistakes you made.

best paraphrase example

More Tips to Remember

  • When you look for help me paraphrase this paragraph it’s crucial you do more than just word by word and line by line, each text block generally has a beginning, middle, and end, each of which works towards a clear goal, and when you work with the old article you need to make sure you’re doing more than just the specifics, but you’re capturing in some way the general tone and message which was inserted within the context by the previous author.
  • To paraphrase a paragraph effectively you don’t need to change every single word, it’s the general message and central idea what is the most important to preserve.
  • Ensure you don’t change any of the facts in the statements, for instance like numbers, change the context around it if you have to and reorder it, but you can’t change the factual basis of them.

Constructive Examples


John Franzen’s The Corrections is an excellent example of the novel being used as an effective expression of family drama, as well as a piece of social commentary. The characters stand out as realistic, relatable, and all too human, but they also function as expressions of the way that we as Americans have reacted to our culture. The way that things like avarice, and ultimately perceptions of others and narcissism, have seeped into our way of life and made it all that much more difficult.


A great example of an effective family drama, as well as a social commentary in the novel form, is The Corrections by John Franzen. In The Corrections the characters are excellently drawn, brimming with humanity and realism, but they also double as a way of connecting ideas with the reader. Ideas about American culture and society, about the place that we take in it as Americans. How greed and self-consciousness have become concentric to our lives and limited us in profound and often saddening ways.

It can be difficult to paraphrase paragraph online no matter what the content is and how much experience you have in writing sphere, but if the content is advanced and you have little to no experience it could make the whole ordeal that much harder, and whether this is you or if you’re simply looking for a little hands-on professional help, you can count on our service to get you the high-quality professional expertise that you need no matter what it is!

Academic Papers
Website Content
Manuals & Reports
Business Documents
Marketing Materials
Legal Documents
General Text
and so Much More!

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