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How to Paraphrase an Article Fast

Paraphrasing is about rewriting phrase/s with the same meaning but using different words. It is important in order to avoid plagiarism. Plagiarism is a serious offense and you must ensure to avoid it whether you unintentionally or intentionally copied someone’s ideas or work.

How To Paraphrase An Article In A Fast Way

  • Use different vocabulary but have same meaning: Most students rely  and using this method but still it is difficult to use because English has lots of synonyms and you need to find the right word to use that exactly have same meaning. To make sure that you are paraphrasing effectively, it is better when you use words that you certainly know that is same with the original word.
  • Changing order of words: The fact is that changing the order of sentence or phrase is safer than using different words or synonyms. However, you need to know where you will move the words or where you will position it to make a great paper. When you are moving words, you need to change some words, cut some words or add some words to make sure that your paper is grammatically correct. If the original sentence consists of 2 or more clauses, change the order of clauses.
  • Using different grammar: It is hard to use different grammar; however, it is easier than thinking of another words or vocabulary because if you change the grammar and make some mistakes. The reader will still get what you are trying to say, but when you change the vocabulary and make mistakes. Our paraphrasing service can help you with it. There is a possibility that the reader will not understand what you are trying to discuss, but it is still essential that you ensure that your paper is grammatically correct.

Article Paraphrasing Effectively

  • Change words into different parts of speech to make it original. Be sure to use different words or change the words
  • Studying regularly about new words is important
  • Make some time in practicing about paraphrasing so that’s the next time you do it, it is easy for you
  • If the original paper uses active voice in sentences, make it to passive voice or vice versa
  • Learn new vocabulary

It is easy to paraphrase a paragraph when you know what you will do and you know the rules about it. Try it now to make original paper using your own words! Finally, you can also seek for the professional paraphrasing service assistance today!