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How to Paraphrase in a Paper to Avoid Plagiarism

Entering university is not an easy thing especially to college students. There are many assignments and requirements that need to do which include a research paper. In a research paper, you need to gather information and paraphrase so if you’re thinking how to paraphrase, here are the tips!

Tips On How to Paraphrase In A Paper

  • The sentences must be in your own words
  • If you decided to use original phrases, it is important to place them in a quotation marks
  • Adding citation is essential even though paraphrase is in your own words. Take note that it is still someone’s idea
  • Whenever you have difficulties in paraphrasing, it is better when you have a short list of quote’s main idea that related to it

Paraphrasing In A Research Paper: Avoiding Plagiarism

  • In order to avoid plagiarism, it is necessary that you must give credit when you;
  • Use another individual opinion, theory or idea
  • Use any statistics, drawings, graphs and facts
  • Use quotations of others in written words or actual spoken
  • Strategies To Avoid Plagiarism
  • Put in quotations all information that comes from direct text
  • Make sure that you are not only replacing or rearing words instead read again the text and use your own words without peeking
  • Check your paraphrase to the original one to ensure you don’t copy same words or phrases and in order to ensure that information is accurate

Paraphrasing is all about putting ideas of others into your own words. It seems to be difficult but when you are good at words and you know lots of vocabulary, you will never have a hard time. Our paraphrase service team knows that good paraphrasing increases the quality of your paper such as explaining others work into your own writing style, making it readable and improving the flow.

In conclusion, paraphrasing is necessary when making a research paper to avoid plagiarism. if you don’t want that, your paper will be rejected or get a low score, better to take time learning the process of paraphrasing such as some strategies and tips. Alternatively, you can seek the help of professionals to paraphrase a paper today! Check our paraphrase examples now!