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Meaning of Paraphrase and Examples

Understanding the Meaning of Paraphrase and Examples

There are effective ways in which you can do if you want your paraphrased content to be flawless. Remember that plagiarism is very common when you are paraphrasing which is why you should invest time as to make sure that your overall paper will be original. The best way is for you to utilize paraphrase definition and examples, you can use this as a blueprint in order to recognize the most effective way how to paraphrase. More and more are making use of paraphrase definition and examples of academic paraphrasing as this are proven to definitely maximize the quality of your paraphrased content.

When you are writing a paper, it is crucial that you recognize plagiarized content as this will help you maximize the overall quality of your paper. One of the most effective ways as for you to submit a 100% flawless paper is by paraphrasing. By understanding the meaning of paraphrase and paraphrasing APA style examples, you can surely create a paper that will comply with top standards. Remember that your paper will be the reflection of your writing skills and if you want to ensure its quality, you should know the meaning of paraphrase and how to paraphrase examples.

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Paraphrasing: Common Q&A

We have listed some questions with a paraphrase definition and examples. The answers will help you improve your writing skills. Take a look at them:

What do you mean by paraphrasing: paraphrasing is the act of explaining someone else’s work and ideas using your own words. A paraphrase should include a reference to the author’s work and quote any exact words from them.

How to paraphrase text: if you want to paraphrase a text, you should be familiar with the topic – this will help you understand its meaning quickly. Read the text many times to ensure you have understood it and while doing so, locate the main arguments and the topic. Explain the key points using your own words and quote any terminology and phrases that you want to include. Add a reference at the end of the sentence or the paragraph, and proofread your text once you have finished.

What is acceptable paraphrasing: an acceptable paraphrasing is one that explains perfectly the author’s argument using other words. It should also include a cite and quotations marks if the author’s exact words have been used.

What are the rewording skills: you will need to have good writing skills, an extensive vocabulary, and critical thinking to locate the relevant points and explain them properly. However, if you think you don’t have them, these are skills that can be easily developed through practice.

Paraphrasing Definition Examples Online

Here are paraphrase definition and examples that you might find helpful:


A business firm’s obligation, beyond that required by the law and economics, is to pursue long-term goals that are good for society. (Robbins et al 2003, p. 138)’


Business should focus on objectives that are not only legal and financially appropriate but are of long-range benefit to society. (Robbins et al 2003)


“The problem with the evidence cited by Finucane for women fighting during the Third Crusade is that it all comes from Muslim sources, which had their own reasons for depicting Christian women fighting.”


All the evidence for women fighting on the Third Crusade comes from Muslim sources. These sources are problematic since their authors may have had ulterior motives for altering or exaggerating their accounts.


Last night the Miami Heat took on the Oklahoma City Thunder, and after a hard fought game the two battled to a stalemate in regulation which sent the game to overtime.


The matchup between the Miami Heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder last night proved to be a cracker, with both sides coming out very hot offensively, with the game ending in a tie during regulation.


It quickly became a shootout in the overtime which only finally ended after two installments when Lebron James scored back to back jumpers at the end to pull the Heat ahead.


They continued to duke it out until the Heat pulled away by four on the back of a couple Lebron James jump shots.

Take Advantage of Our Paraphrasing Examples

When you are paraphrasing, the most important thing that you should remember is that this is should 100% flawless. Avoid directly copying from the original as this could be considered as direct plagiarism. When you are paraphrasing, it is crucial that you do more than just word by word but focus on the entire content as a whole. You can see in paraphrasing examples for college the most effective method to paraphrase. For those who find it difficult to paraphrase, you can make use of free paraphrasing examples for college online and get to know meaning of paraphrase and examples of different types.

Here are paraphrasing examples for college that might be helpful for you:


“Another useful method for locating source material for a particular topic is to check the library shelves or catalog for books having the same classification number as other books to which reference has been made.” (Anderson & Poole, 2001, p. 12)


Anderson and Poole (2001) advise that looking for books with the same call number as an identified reference may help in finding more information on a specific subject.


“Survivor’s skilled editors give Tribal Council a raw, nerve-wracking aura, even when the outcome seems preordained, and the repetition and the setting add to the religious feelings of the event. (Wright, p. 172)


Wright provides an analysis of the way the television show Survivor includes dramatic events, like religious elements, that move the show beyond simply representing reality (172)

Avail Examples of Paraphrasing for Guaranteed Flawless Content

Paraphrasing should not only convey the message but also capture the general tone of the original content. If you are in dire need of professional paraphrasing examples for college, we can give you the best online. Our services are focused on top-notch assistance to make sure that your final paper will be of high standard. Our APA paraphrasing examples and other examples of paraphrasing are created by professional writers with vast expertise and background in paraphrasing and summarizing. Get started now and avail our excellent paraphrasing help and cost-free examples of paraphrasing.

What is Paraphrasing Examples? Learn More Online

Paraphrasing is very useful especially when you are constantly tasked to write a paper. With effective paraphrasing, you will surely improve the effectiveness of your paper by incorporating reliable sources. If you need the meaning of paraphrase and examples, we are more than happy to provide you with the necessary help.

We can provide you with more than just the meaning of paraphrase and examples but also paraphrasing assistance. What is paraphrasing examples? The most crucial thing that you should know when you are paraphrasing is to consider it sentence by sentence and make sure that you are not just conveying the message but also showcasing your writing skills.

We can provide you the best paraphrase definition and how to paraphrase an article example or other examples online in which will surely assist you when you are writing your paper. With paraphrase definition and example, you will be able to communicate the original paper the same way the author wants it to tell its readers. What is paraphrase example?

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Understanding the meaning of paraphrase and examples can be hard. If you are still wondering what is paraphrasing examples, you should know that they are samples that you can read to see how professional writers paraphrase a text. We have many of them available online and you can check them to get a glimpse of our professional work.

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