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Meaning of Paraphrase and Examples

Understanding the Meaning of Paraphrase and Examples

When you are writing a paper, it is crucial that you recognize plagiarized content as this will help you maximize the overall quality of your paper. One of the most effective ways as for you to submit a 100% flawless paper is by paraphrasing. By understanding the meaning of paraphrase and paraphrasing APA style examples, you can surely create a paper that will comply with top standards. Remember that your paper will be the reflection of your writing skills and if you want to ensure its quality, you should know the meaning of paraphrase and how to paraphrase examples.

Get Free Paraphrasing Definition Examples Online

Here are some paraphrasing definition examples:


Last night the Miami Heat took on the Oklahoma City Thunder, and after a hard fought game the two battled to a stalemate in regulation which sent the game to overtime.


The matchup between the Miami Heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder last night proved to be a cracker, with both sides coming out very hot offensively, with the game ending in a tie during regulation.


It quickly became a shootout in the overtime which only finally ended after two installments when Lebron James scored back to back jumpers at the end to pull the Heat ahead.


They continued to duke it out until the Heat pulled away by four on the back of a couple Lebron James jump shots.

What is Paraphrasing Examples? Learn More Online

Paraphrasing is very useful especially when you are constantly tasked to write a paper. With effective paraphrasing, you will surely improve the effectiveness of your paper by incorporating reliable sources. If you need meaning of paraphrase and examples, we are more than happy to provide you the necessary help. We can provide you more than just meaning of paraphrase and examples but also paraphrasing assistance. What is paraphrasing examples?

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