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Our Paraphrasing Examples Collection

Our Examples of Paraphrasing

Rewriting and rewording something without changing the meaning is a difficult task indeed, and there’s no surprise that many people struggle with it. The most difficult part of restructuring is simply getting started and getting the hang of it. Once you’ve got it, it becomes much easier, but getting the hang of it is relatively tough. That’s what our paraphrasing examples are here for, you can learn the basics easily and apply it to your own work, and here are a couple of examples of a paraphrase. Our collection of paraphrase examples includes:

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Using APA paraphrasing examples can help you improve your writing skills quickly. By reading examples of paraphrasing you will see the things they all include and make sure you add them to your paper. An example can serve you as a useful guide that will help you get the results you were looking for. Since you can find them easily online, you can compare different examples and see which one adjusts better to your writing task.
paraphrasing examples for middle schoolThrough them, you can learn how to cite properly a quote and avoid plagiarism by doing so. Using paraphrasing examples can only lead to positive results. Make sure your paper is perfect by comparing it to an online example! You will just have to look for the one that uses the citation style you are required to follow.

Paraphrasing Examples

#1 Original: Last night the Miami Heat took on the Oklahoma City Thunder, and after a hard fought game the two battled to a stalemate in regulation which sent the game to overtime. The defense and rebounding for both sides was a bit ineffectual and neither seemed to be putting a full effort in, but that didn’t stop the torrent of offense from these two offensive beasts.
#1 Paraphrased: The matchup between the Miami Heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder last night proved to be a cracker, with both sides coming out very hot offensively, with the game ending in a tie during regulation. The effort didn’t seem to bet there on defense and on the boards, but in the end, it was the high powered offenses which drove this game.
#2 Original: It quickly became a shootout in the overtime which only finally ended after two installments when Lebron James scored back to back jumpers at the end to pull the Heat ahead.
#2 Paraphrased: They continued to duke it out until the Heat pulled away by four on the back of a couple Lebron James jump shots.

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Examples of All Kinds

The above sports paraphrasing examples illustrate how you preserve meaning while changing the words. We can provide this help and insight into various paraphrasing examples, anything from examples of paraphrasing and summarizing to discern differences, to APA paraphrasing examples to paraphrasing example for middle school.

Whatever kind of examples and help you’re looking for you can count on finding it here, so don’t hesitate to head over to our site and take advantage of our paraphrasing examples. Furthermore, you can get specialized professional expertise of the text you need to ensure you get nothing, but the best paper!

Thanks to our fantastic service online, we can offer a wide range of services. You can take a look at our examples of paraphrasing and summarizing to see how we work. These are the services we provide:

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