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Paraphrase Sample

Personal Development Planning


Individual Goals:

While upholding concentration on the condensed version of SMART, I find it essential for my individual goals to be precise, quantifiable, practical, realizable, and necessary, amongst many others. The specific purpose suggests that the feature purpose is distinct, thorough, and resolute. Furthermore, it should be predominantly clear-cut, action-oriented, and assessable, since measurement provides an assurance that the attainment of the goals is continuously being monitored. Therefore, objective is evaluated so as to create an evaluate that establishes the customary implementation performed.

Apart from the aforementioned standards, the objective should also be attainable. Established goals that are not reachable will only influence an individual to become disinterested, which may influence his performance and his motivation towards accomplishing his goals. Moreover, if one’s goals are not feasible, it only suggests that it is not practical – thus, the cause of attaining one’s goals should always be definite, available, and accessible.  Primarily, there are assets that are essential in order to accomplish these goals – for instance, one has to acquire pertinent skills throughout his or her college years. Goals should be attainable in a given time range; therefore, proper time management is crucial in completing the goals.

In proportion to the definition of SMART, my individual goals are as follows:

1. To finish my requirements and attain a degree; and

2. To acquire applicable abilities that will prepare me suitably in order to experience efficiency and success in my chosen line of work.

Learning Sequence and Approach

The prime idea in accomplishing my personal development planning in the form of a report lies in the assessment of self-learning approach. It is necessary to have a pertinent learning approach, where one needs to identify the learning sequence that will go well with his or her personality. Primarily, every learning sequence entails merging theoretical learning with practicable knowledge of a specific ability.

It is advisable for a person to comprehend his or her ideal learning approach before he or she comes up with a personal development planning in the form of a report. My favoured learning style depends on the approach that supplements my individual skills and my current abilities. A number of people usually have dissimilar learning customs; however, it is imperative for one to establish a self-satisfied learning approach in order to attain his or her goals successfully.

Relative to my situation, I have understood that I can make use of more than one learning approach depending on the situation I am in. Moreover, I am definite that I am a realist and forward-looking individual, and for my intended personal development planning, I prefer to employ a forward-looking approach since it goes well with me in almost all forms of learning.

In utilizing a forward-looking (activist) learning approach, I have to adapt from using the realist form of learning since it is the style I employed during the early phase of my learning. As an experienced learner, I have to avoid getting into any form of customary learning, and I have to choose a learning approach that appreciably mirrors my learning feasibility. Therefore, my personal development plan will unquestionably illustrate the activist approach, and its content will be rooted in an activist learning method.

Personal SWOT Analysis

My own SWOT analysis describes my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats at the early phase of my college life, which are as follows:


  • I am capable of gaining knowledge in a prompt manner.
  • I hold an optimistic standpoint and state of mind.
  • I have helpful interaction skills that I intend to improve continuously.
  • I am dedicated towards my classes and requirements.
  • I have exerted tremendous efforts in my assignments and lessons.
  • I am capable of performing things simultaneously.
  • I comply with promptness in accomplishing my responsibilities.
  • I have achieved unswerving results.
  • I am well-ordered and disciplined.
  • I am devoted.
  • I possess efficient collaborative skills.
  • I am greatly enthused and determined.
  • I am expanding my competence in information technology.
  • I am excellent in giving presentations.


Several aspects are of importance, for they do not satisfy my expectations. Some of them include the following:

  • I am worried by certain instances of time misconduct.
  • I have certain insufficiencies when it comes to preparing for my future.
  • I tend to change and mix my concerns in life.
  • I make emotional choices rather than complying with the established rules.
  • I experience discontent concerning pressing disapprovals when my intentions seem apathetic.
  • I depend on finances occasionally.


  • I have to maximize my current prospects from my first semester.
  • There is still a chance to maximize my time accordingly.
  • If I employ my knowledge efficiently, I can possibly acquire a full-time work.
  • I have a chance to practice self-sufficiency.
  • I can obtain thorough knowledge from my teachers.
  • I can be capable of competing in my academics.
  • I can be capable of maximizing my strength appropriately.
  • I may receive prospective employment offers from favourably reputed British companies sometime.
  • I have the prospect to obtain globally documented experiences.
  • I have the opportunity to obtain a financially secure life.


The exterior aspects of my life come with threats that may hinder my learning experience. These include the following:

  • There is scarcity of occupations in my field of interest on account of global economic depression.
  • I may live expensively, and the cost of my studies may detrimentally affect my finances.
  • Pressure serves as a restriction for me to dedicate myself in the area of talent studies.

Prerequisite of Skills for Attaining Individual Goals

So as to satisfy the established target expertise and my individual goals, it is essential for me to acquire several skills, which I have to develop throughout my college years. These consist of communication skills, technological ability, teamwork competence, leadership flair, self-confidence, commercial knowledge, presentation skills, and writing ability, amongst others. These skills are significant in order for me to attain my individual goals.

1.1 What challenges did you face while adjusting to the college culture? What issues have not been managed yet?

Considering my experiences in college, I would say that my confidence is not as good as it is at home, for I am still dependent on other people. Nonetheless, I intend to practice independence continuously.

1.2 Is there something that prevented you from managing them until this moment?

I actually require inspiration or driving force in order for me to carry out tasks efficiently; however, I am experiencing difficulty in managing myself since I know that a different working environment entails a number of challenges.

2.1 What would be needed for you to sense or recognise that it is now time to do different things?

Whenever I intend to perform dissimilar tasks, I actually realize that I am competent and forward-thinking with my life. For this reason, I gain the confidence to do things that are new to me.

3.1 How do you decide what features of the situation are going to be changed?

I attempt to obtain every detail that I can gather concerning a situation, and I organize my intended actions in my mind. Afterwards, I employ these ideas and seek to change the facets of the situation that have to be altered.

4.1 In the school environment, when you will learn teamwork at some point? Will you have any doubt in sharing or losing ideas?

To the degree that there exists personal intelligence, teamwork is still imperative in the university, and most especially in my future profession. Therefore, I will exert marvellous efforts in order to lift and motivate the group without leaving some ideas behind. However, I will ensure that I will gain knowledge and experience in group participation.

5.1 What will success from this college year in year out look like?

I think that one will experience success if he or she has attained his or her established goals completely.

6.1 How will you know if your colleagues are not supportive of your ideas?

If my associates have are unsatisfied with my proposals and look for alternatives, then this suggests that they are not in favour of my plan.

7.1. How will you be aware of whether you are drifting off course and could do with additional support (maybe from the outside)?

Whenever I review my performance or observe my work and I find something wrong, I will ask for assistance from my associates. Basically, I will not lose anything if I ask for help or raise a question.

8.1 How do you make your colleagues feel convinced into supporting a decision that you would like to make.

I will convey my ideas personally, and I will intend to convince them in the most effective manner I can.

9.1 How will you be aware that they are supporting the ideas you have presented?

I will examine the look on their faces and determine if they are content with the changes or if it suggests otherwise.

Targets and Objectives for the First Year of College

  • Ability
  • Present/Relevant
  • Intended Goals
  • Expertise
  • Improvement
  • Opportunity
  • Criteria for Evaluating Success
  • Time Range

First Priority – Communication Skills

  • I am merely average in terms of my communication skills, which is why I have to be excellent in terms of interacting with people.
  • I have to establish excellence listening ability and involve myself in an interaction with my classmates and teachers.
  • I have to speak to my teachers and classmates if I want to talk about my concerns, and let them know that I am always open for discussions.
  • I need to realize that all individuals are gifted, and that their stories are worth listening to.
  • I have to learn how to take various types of examinations, write different essays, read books in varying genres, give presentations, and evaluate the criticisms I received throughout my first year in college.

Second PriorityTime Management Skills

  • I am a good manager of my time; however, there are instances when I mishandle it, especially when I am doing tasks simultaneously.
  • I have to gain experience in establishing goals, apposite planning, good decision-making, and finalizing my schedules.
  • I have to come up with everyday time logs, evaluate myself, and discover my flaws and limitations before the semester comes to a close.

Third Priority – Commercial Awareness

  • I am greatly passionate about commercial issues, but I lack the sensible consciousness and knowledge to support my interests.
  • I need to develop convenient knowledge concerning commercial issues.
  • I have to look for and finish an internship program.

Fourth Priority – Presentation Skills

  • I am capable of giving presentations, but I still experience anxiety whenever I am in front.
  • I need to meet the professional criteria of a good presenter.
  • I aim to be an excellent and confident class presenter.

Fifth Priority – Teamwork Skills

  • When it comes to teamwork, I am merely average, because I somehow dislike working in groups, and I find it difficult to depend on my colleagues.
  • I have the tendency to detest having to compromise the ideas that I have established.
  • In line with my average teamwork skills, I intend to be an encouraging and helpful team member and an efficient team player.
  • I want to be a member of the Student Union Society, learn more on the subject of teamwork, assist in planning an event, and be conscious of how the teamwork skills that I will learn are applicable.
  • I will make the most of my team experiences throughout my second year.

Individual Learning Skills that I Need to Develop Until My Last Year in College

Networking Skills

  • As of present, I only have a few contacts in my field of interest.
  • I need to obtain a lot of contacts in the university so as to convey my ideas as a student, and later on as a professional.
  • I have to work with numerous students in the university, partake in different projects, and join groups that have foster networking.

Technology Skills

  • I am passionate about knowing more about technology while I am studying in college.
  • I intend to be capable of performing and understanding pertinent technology.
  • I have to read and look through technological updates continuously.
  • I have to be informed by the changes in the field of technology.
  • I need to establish awareness with modern technology and have a fundamental knowledge about technology.

Organizational Skills

  • I should learn how to set up and attain my individual goals.
  • I should be capable of organizing projects that involve a number of people.
  • I need to be a volunteer in several group projects and learn from the people and the results of the group’s performance throughout my final year in college.

Written Skills

  • I should improve my skills in descriptive writing and critical writing.
  • I have to do all requirements efficiently, write excellent reports, ensure complete attendance in my classes, and learn how to write competently before I graduate.
  • I have to evaluate the criticisms and comments provided by my teachers concerning my assignments, presentations, and reports.

Leadership Skills

  • At present, I still lack the confidence and I am not yet able to assign tasks suitably.
  • I need to be a confident leader in order for me to appoint responsibilities to other people.
  • I need to volunteer in several group projects and make the most of my teachers’ feedbacks and group performances until my final year in college.
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