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Proofreading Examples from the Premium Service

Proofreading Examples

Proofreading is the meticulous cousin of editing, it’s the aspect of the process where you make sure that there are no mistakes, both in terms of spelling and grammar but also in terms of structure and flow, proofreading is where you can improve your paper in many ways, but the trick is to have the eye and the skilled hand to catch it and do so effectively, and our professional sample proofreading service is here to offer proofreading examples and paraphrase examples to help you learn just that.

Below is a small proofreading sample which is an example of the kinds we have that you can learn from. Using proofreading examples has many advantages – think of them as your personal instructor. A sample proofreading document can help you learn how to proofread properly. From an example, you will see the common mistakes people do when writing and how to spot them.
proofreading examplesMake sure you read different examples to look at the things they have in common and what mistakes to they regularly fix. It can help you improve your writing and proofreading skills, as learning how to detect those silly mistakes beforehand will make you a better writer. It will also help you expand your vocabulary, as you will learn new words and see how to use them.

Examples are a perfect guide to have always by your side. If you have doubts about punctuation or citing mistake, you can look for it on a proofreading sample and see how you should fix it. Or if you want to know how to link sentences coherently, an example can help you do that. Proofreading samples are an easy way to develop your attention to detail.  Plus, because you can access an example online, you can use them whenever you want.

Learn How to Proofread with These Easy Steps and Proofreading Examples

Proofreading means to revise a text looking for grammar, spelling, punctuation, terminology, or stylistic mistakes. It is a mandatory step before handing in any paper you have written.

If you want to know how to proofread properly, take a look at these easy steps as well as see our examples of proofreading:

  • After you have finished writing your text, you will need to leave it aside for at least 20 minutes, or a day or a week if you can. This will help your brain take a rest from it.
  • Before starting to proofread, read your text as a whole and eliminate any unnecessary information, repeated words and see if it follows the same format.
  • Once you have done it, you can start proofreading it.
  • First of all, you can use the search function on your computer and look for common mistakes. Like writing “its” instead of “it’s” – things like that.
  • Use a spelling checker tool. Most word processors programs have this function available. It can help you save time by fixing the mistakes it has spotted. However, bear in mind that a computer can also highlight errors that are not wrong. Remember that you always have the last word and it will be your choice to fix it or not.
  • If you can, print your document. Reading it on paper will help you spot more easily any mistake you may have made.
  • Read your text out loud. This will help you catch any language error on your paper, and help you see if it is coherent and understandable.
  • Read your text backward. Start by reading the last paragraph and make your way up. This will trick your brain to focus on your text.

Example of Proofreading

Original: In The Great Gatsby Fitzgerald uses a few literary tools to make the whole work come together and this starts with his imagery and his ability to depict the nightlife and glamorous lifestyle of the 1920s vividly yet also sort of cynically. He uses this imagery and description to imbue thematic importance into the plot and characters. The extraordinary depth of the world that Fitzgerald has created makes it a fantastic novel and the many tools he employs are each measured and effective in getting across the point he is trying.
Proofread: In The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald utilizes multiple literary tools to ensure the whole work comes together, and this begins with his imagery and his ability to depict the lifestyle and glamour of the 1920s in a vivid but also somewhat cynical way. The imagery and description he uses imbues significant thematic importance to the plot and characters, and gives extraordinary depth to the world Fitzgerald has created through his usage of literary tools.

Learn from High-Quality Proofreading Samples at Our Service

The above proofreading example expresses the key to proofreading, it’s about simple word replacement to make the sentence more effective, fixing any minor mistakes, and changing the order and structure to make it fit together well. Few people are capable of this kind of improvement in their own proofreading, but these are the tools you can learn from our proofreading samples to bring to your own work.

We have all manner of examples of proofreading, so no matter the specific proofreading examples you’re looking for you can count on us to have them, and for them to be high quality and professionally written. Send us your order today and let our experts do the best MLA paraphrase for you! Besides providing a proofreading service, we can also help you through our different services. Take a look at them:

  • Writing. We have a team of expert creative writers that can assist you with your writing tasks. They can write anything for you and make sure it is based on your personal requests. They also have made a sample proofreading to give you a chance to see how they would work with your own text.
  • Paraphrasing. Avoiding plagiarism and citing properly is our goal here. Our paraphrasing service guarantees you will receive an original paper free of plagiarism.
  • Editing. Make sure your paper is perfect with our editing service. Our professional editors will revise your text many times to make sure there are no mistakes left.
  • Summarizing. A well-written summary is not an easy task, but our skilled writers can summarize any type of text perfectly.

The Best Option You Can Find in Proofreading Examples Service

We take pride in what we do, and ensuring you are satisfied with our work is one of our main priorities. We count with a professional team of experts to deliver high-quality services at affordable prices that fit anyone’s budget. If you want a unique paper, that is well-written, relevant and free of plagiarism, our professional writers are your best choice.

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They are specialized in various fields so they can help you with any type of paper regardless of the subject. We have many years of experience working with written content so we can ensure you will always get an impeccable paper that will match your request.

If you are looking for a professional company with reliable and trustworthy writers, you have found it. We will go the extra mile to make sure you are happy with the final result. Also, as part of our services, we guarantee:

  • Money-back guarantee. If you do not like your paper, we will transfer your money back.
  • Secure payment. You can pay with your credit card and we would guarantee the security of your transaction.
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If our proofreading examples are not enough for you, call us for any help you need!