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Proofreading Examples

Proofreading Examples

Proofreading ExamplesProofreading is the meticulous cousin of editing, it’s the aspect of the process where you make sure that there are no mistakes, both in terms of spelling and grammar but also in terms of structure and flow, proofreading is where you can improve your paper in many ways, but the trick is to have the eye and the skilled hand to catch it and do so effectively, and our professional sample proofreading service is here to offer proofreading examples to help you learn just that. Below is a small proofreading sample which is an example of the kinds we have that you can learn from.

Example of Proofreading

Original: In The Great Gatsby Fitzgerald uses a few literary tools to make the whole work come together and this starts with his imagery and his ability to depict the nightlife and glamorous lifestyle of the 1920’s vividly yet also sort of cynically. He uses this imagery and description to imbue thematic importance into the plot and characters. The extraordinary depth of the world that fitzgerald has created makes it a fantastic novel and the many tools he employs are each measured and effective in getting across the point he is trying.
Proofread: In The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald utilizes multiple literary tools to ensure the whole work comes together, and this begins with his imagery and his ability to depict the lifestyle and glamour of the 1920’s in a vivid but also somewhat cynical way. The imagery and description he uses imbues significant thematic importance to the plot and characters, and gives extraordinary depth to the world Fitzgerald has created through his usage of literary tools.

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The above proofreading example expresses the key to proofreading, it’s about simple word replacement to make the sentence more effective, fixing any minor mistakes, and changing the order and structure to make it fit together well. Few people are capable of this kind of improvement in their own proofreading, but these are the tools you can learn from our proofreading samples to bring to your own work. We have all manner of examples of proofreading, so no matter the specific proofreading examples you’re looking for you can count on us to have them, and for them to be high quality and professionally written.

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