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Paraphrase Essay Online: Good or Bad? Test Yourself

What You Need to Know about Paraphrase Essay Online

Paraphrasing is the process of taking what someone else has already written or said and changing the words to say the same thing. We do this for many reasons such as to improve on an original source or make something easier to understand by using less complicated wording and sentence structures. Sometimes writers get carried away in their own cleverness so it may be necessary to use a much simpler term of expression than what the original writer has used. The biggest problem when paraphrasing an article is that people run into when paraphrasing someone else’s work, however, is plagiarism.

Using 3 or more same words in a row from an original sentence is considered plagiarism and can land you in trouble if not careful, even if it was unintentional. Unfortunately, paraphrasing is a skill that many people have trouble in mastering effectively enough to complete a thorough rewrite for their assignment.

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Even any experienced paraphrase writer has difficulty with their word choices, miss important facts or lapsed in concentration for a split second and found that they have started to directly copy unintentionally. There can be no room for error when rewriting, so keeping yourself focused at all times is essential. In academic writing, it is considered plagiarism to take any idea or language from a source without adequately crediting or referencing it in your paper.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a published author, another student, an online website, a service which sells academic papers, or any other person. Taking credit for someone else’s work is tantamount to stealing, and is unacceptable in all situations. Most people have heard of the scandal at Harvard University recently where similarities were noticed in many student exam papers:

  • An investigation was launched and it was found that 125 of the course’s final papers were deemed suspicious and the students involved being interviewed with possible punishments ranging from being suspended for a year to an official warning.
  • The class was taken by 250 students meaning that half were now suspected of cheating. Many people tend to think of plagiarism as just copying chunks of text out of a book or from online sources such as Wikipedia and putting it in an essay, claiming it as original writing. But plagiarism really boils down to passing other people’s work off as our own and this includes a lot of other things as well as copying out of books.

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Questions and Answers about Paraphrasing Essays

Paraphrasing essay should not be that hard. Make sure you know how to it by reading these questions and their answers:

What is the purpose of paraphrasing

Paraphrasing can help you support the arguments you have included in your paper. It can also help you demonstrate you have investigated the topic and that you are familiar with it. Paraphrasing essays is an easy way to add strong evidence to your document.

How do you write a paraphrase essay

If you have to paraphrase an essay, you will have to understand its meaning first. It probably contains external references, so make sure you are familiar with the topic. Identify the main arguments and explain to them using your own words. The easiest way to do it is to add in-text citation followed by a reference to the published work.

How to rephrase a sentence

Sentence rewording can be tricky since you do not have a lot of words to play with. However, it is easier than you think. To rephrase a sentence, you will have to change the keywords of it, the ones that explain its meaning and change the grammatical structure. However, you will need to keep its essence. Your paraphrase should contain the same meaning as the original sentence.

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The Main Types of Plagiarism Which Paraphrase Writers Face

There are different types of plagiarism which are committed on a daily basis at institutions all around the world. However, it isn’t just students who are susceptible. Many professional writers, musicians, artists, and politicians have been accused of plagiarism over the years and while some forms may seem to be innocuous such as a text paraphrase using a source while forgetting to correctly cite it, all are considered violations of academic honesty. While some sources may say that there are so many different types of plagiarism, they basically all come under the following:

  • Direct plagiarism. Probably the most obvious form of plagiarism to detect since it’s an exact copy of the original source. These people are sometimes labelled as lazy plagiarizers because they haven’t even tried to cover their tracks.
  • Self-plagiarism. Once you have submitted work to someone, whether it was in a different institution or part of a different project, you cannot then use that work again, unless you have permission from the person you are submitting it to.
  • Mosaic plagiarism. The most common type among students, it’s basically just patchwriting. In some work, this happens when someone borrows phrases but doesn’t cite anything. Some people think that if it’s only a few words then it’s not plagiarizing. In other work, keywords are simply substituted with synonyms but have used the same sentence structure so when you compare the work against the text paraphrases, the similarities are obvious.
  • Accidental plagiarism. Self-explanatory really but is still regarded as a serious academic crime. Maybe you just forgot to cite the source or thought your interpretation of the source material was ok and didn’t realize it wasn’t original enough. The trouble here is that it is still classed as plagiarism and the reader will have no way of really knowing if you’re telling the truth about it being an accident.
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“If you are like most students, you will discover that it can be very difficult to resist the temptation simply to use the wording that is found in the source. After all, it is likely that one of the reasons the passage strikes you is that it is so well expressed. You may find yourself thinking, “That’s just what I want to say. In fact, now that I’ve seen it expressed that way, I can’t think of any other way of saying it. Those are my thoughts.” But they are not. At the very least, they are not your words”.

Peter Horban, Simon Fraser University

Examples of Good and Bad Text Paraphraser

Because paraphrasing involves wrapping your words around someone else’s idea, people often forget to give credit to the author and even though you use your own words, it is not your idea. Very often people don’t know, what is better for them summary versus paraphrase. One of the many questions people ask with help me to paraphrase online is what constitutes a good or bad rewrite?

To write a good paraphrase, you should only borrow the idea conveyed by the author. Express their opinion in your own words and in your own way. A bad paraphrase is one in which you simply substitute certain words with their synonyms while keeping the structure of the author’s original writing. Take a look at the following example and see for yourself:

Original passage:

Annie Oakley’s life spanned years of tremendous change for American women. By the time of her death in 1926, Americans were celebrating the liberated, urban-focused modern times of the jazz age. Women had won the right to vote, wore less restrictive clothes and followed a changing ideal that was loosening some of the restrictions on women’s roles and behavior that had reigned through the nineteenth century. 

Incorrect paraphrasing: 

Annie Oakley’s life spanned years of significant changes for American women. By the time she died in 1926, women had the vote, wore looser clothing and embraced the freedom from restrictive 19th-century roles and behaviors.

Sounds too much like the original passage and the sentence structure is very similar to the original.

Correct paraphrasing: 

As discussed in the biography on PBS’s American experience web page, sharpshooter. Annie Oakley lived through a period of many liberating changes for women, from the Victorian era through the first quarter of the 20th century. Examples include voting rights for women as well as the freedom to wear comfortable and practical clothing (Annie Oakley).

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