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Paraphrase Help from Online Editors

Two Forms of Paraphrase Help Available Online

Online editors can come in two forms – an automated editor and a human editor. Both of these editors can be found in most paraphrasing websites and in some ESL sites, displaying some paraphrase samples for their editing services. Whether or not the paper needs extensive paraphrasing, it certainly needs editing. In this sense, editing is one of the major components of paraphrase help that these paraphrasing service websites offer.

The web is filled with online editors in various forms available for basic paraphrase help. Some of these editors are multi-functional while others offer one and main basic function only. The main aspect of paraphrase help is restructuring the sentence to produce a new version with a basically similar message, but the process of paraphrasing involves many aspects in general. The restructuring and the rewording is best handled by a human paraphrase expert while the rest of the aspects can be taken cared of by an online automated editor.

Whether the latter is more effective than the first, the comparison is not that relevant. Students have identified the aspects that these two forms can be beneficial to them, and segregating their functionality does not make a sense anymore. The automated online editors as a paraphrase help are integrative in nature supporting the services offered by the human online editors in a larger scale.

Automated Online Editors for Paraphrase help

Let us take a look at some of the most popular editors according to functionality.

Spelling checker – Online paraphrase help that belongs to this category does not only make sure the use of appropriate words, but ensures it is spelled correctly. Paraphrase samples from this kind of spelling editor can be tested by using the product itself in a website’s interface.

Synonym manager – This refers to a form of paraphrase help that supplies the best synonyms and display its exact meaning according to usage.

Rephrase sentences generator – is a tool that identifies a phrase similar to the input. This generates several text rephrase versions for more precise paraphrase help. Search for these rephrase generators online to get loads of paraphrase samples.

Basic rewording tools – utilities under this category is best used in citing sources when the student does not want to commit plagiarism accidentally with a poor paraphrasing style. Rewording functions are somehow reliable up to a certain extent.

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