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APA Paraphrase Tips

Paraphrasing APA Style Examples as Blueprint to Effective Paraphrasing

paraphrase examples apaAPA paraphrasing can be considerably more difficult than paraphrasing for other formats and types of papers if only because of the content that you’re dealing with, APA content is often very scientific and thus difficult to reword.  APA requires you to extensively cite any paraphrasing that you do in your paper, so if you want to do it well and risk-free you should work to communicate and maintain the meaning of the original as best as possible, cause if not you’re simply misleading and confusing the reader.

Paraphrasing is very common when you are writing an academic or professional paper as this allows you to take another author’s ideas and present it as your own using an entirely new approach. To help you paraphrase effectively, you can use paraphrasing APA style examples online. One of the advantages with paraphrasing APA style examples or examples of paraphrasing and summarizing, in general, is that this can serve as a blueprint in order for you to recognize the most crucial methods on how you can create your own version. Remember that paraphrasing can be challenging which is why you should take advantage of paraphrasing in APA format examples or other how to paraphrase examples.

APA Paraphrase Tips

  • When paraphrasing in APA it’s crucial that you reference the author and the year of publication in context. The extended APA paraphrase citation should include a page number as well.
  • Paraphrasing APAParaphrasing APA is often scientific, which is the most difficult type of content to paraphrase considering that for many scientific concepts there is simply one word to describe something. This is where being a skilled APA paraphrase conductor can come in because a skilled paraphraser can rework something and change the structure and order and maintain the original meaning while keeping the difficult word in question and not worrying about plagiarism. It’s about having the ability to rework the context of the word.
  • To paraphrase APA you need to focus on the specific meaning of the original content that you are paraphrasing, and then do your best to maintain this while reworking the rest of the content. Use as wide a vocabulary as possible, but focus on maintaining the words which are key to meaning and altering the context so they can still maintain this meaning without it being plagiarism.

Get Free APA Paraphrasing Examples Online

Here are some paraphrasing APA style examples:


To the extent that a woman’s self-image is challenged or threatened by an unattainable ideal of an impossibly thin female physique, she may well become susceptible to disruption of her self-regard and may be more likely to develop an eating disorder.

Paraphrase in Paper (APA)

If a woman interprets the media’s representation of thinness as the ideal she must achieve, her sense of self-esteem might be threatened and even damaged, making her more likely to exhibit disordered eating patterns (Polivy & Herman, 2004, p. 2).


“The low self-monitoring person is generally more attentive to his/her internal attitudes and dispositions than to externally based information such as others’ reactions and expectations” (Baxter, 1983, p. 29).

Paraphrase in Paper (APA)

According to Baxter (1983), if a person has a low self-monitor, then he/she tends to pay more attention to his/her attitudes, rather than to the ways others might expect him/her to behave.

More and more are taking advantage of free paraphrasing APA style examples as this maximizes the quality of your final content. Remember that there are specific methods of paraphrasing especially when you are required with a format such as APA. With an example of paraphrasing APA, you will be able to recognize the most essential parts on how to paraphrase thus automatically improving the overall excellence of your own content. If you are looking for great APA paraphrasing examples, we can give you the best online.

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