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Learn How to Paraphrase Effectively from the Pros

Learning how to paraphrase can be a lot more difficult than most people think, many people look at it as something that’s easier than regular writing, the content is already there, you just have to put it into your own words, but you may need help with paraphrasing for this. And though for some easier and more basic content this can sometimes be true, for more advanced content with more difficult meaning knowing how to paraphrase can be hugely difficult.

Learning how to paraphrase effectively will take you some time. You will have to develop your vocabulary, writing, and critical thinking skills before you are able to do it properly. As a general rule, when paraphrasing, you will have to make sure you avoid plagiarism. So remember to quote any reference properly and add the relevant information, or you may end being penalized for a plagiarised paper.
ways to paraphraseAnother thing to take into account is to avoid some common mistakes people tend to do when rephrasing a text. Knowing them beforehand can prevent you from doing them. That is why we have listed some common mistakes:

  • Thinking that changing some words will make it different. This is not paraphrasing, and if you do it, your text will be too similar to the original one and will be regarded as plagiarism.
  • Not explaining the main arguments of the extract. You need to be able to describe them using your own words.
  • Forgetting to cite any phrase, terminology, or quote you copied from the original text.
  • Not proofreading the paper once you have finished. You have to do proofread it to make sure it does not contain any mistake and that it is coherent and relevant.

Learn How to Paraphrase in the Best Way

If you want to learn how to paraphrase a paragraph or how to paraphrase an article or any other type of text, make sure you read our useful tips. You can use them as a guide to ensure your paper is perfect and that it does not contain any plagiarised phrases.

Academic Papers
Website Content
Manuals & Reports
Business Documents
Marketing Materials
Legal Documents
General Text
and so Much More!

Take a look at them:

  • Read the text several times to ensure you have understood its meaning, or you will not be able to explain it.
  • While you go through the text, highlight the main arguments and the topic. This will help you describe them later using your own words.
  • Explain each paragraph with a few sentences – remember to use your own words to describe it. Once you have them, link them coherently.
  • Locate any passages you want to copy from the original source and make sure you add all the relevant information – author, year of publication, page – to the cite.
  • Once you have finished writing your paraphrase, compare it to the original one. If they are too similar – meaning you have only changed a few words – you will have to repeat the process.
  • Develop your paraphrasing skills by practicing.
  • Read your paraphrased paper out loud to see if it makes sense. Sometimes, mainly when you are rephrasing a text, you may not focus on linking the sentences coherently. Thus, reading it out loud will help you see if it is understandable.
  • The most important thing to know about how to paraphrase a paragraph is that you can change the structure and order of the content, but not the meaning, A paragraph generally will be its own entity on some level, meaning it will have an introduction, body, and conclusion, and to maintain the meaning it often means to maintain this general structure, even if it means changing the specific content.
  • When it comes to knowing how to paraphrase a sentence the most important thing to remember is that a sentence has a clear goal of what it’s trying to say, identify the goal, identify the facts, numbers, or things that can’t be changed, and feel free to retool the rest how you see fit.
  • Don’t feel the need to change all the individual words, instead think of different ways to get to the same destination of meaning while still maintaining certain words which are key to this meaning. If you’re thinking of changing a word to something which doesn’t exactly mean the same thing, don’t do it, just change the order and structure instead and you and keep the word.

Different Techniques of Rewording

If you are learning how to write a paraphrase you should know that there are various techniques you can use to make the process easier – there is a reason why every professional writer use them. As well as practicing, knowing these methods, and applying them, can help you write the best-paraphrased papers you have dreamed of.

Our professional writers have listed some of the practices they follow when they have to rephrase a text. These techniques will make sure your document is relevant, original, and coherent. Avoid any unnecessary hassle and follow them on your next paraphrasing task:

  • Do not see the original source while you are paraphrasing. By keeping it away, you will ensure you are not copying sentences or phrases from it. This will also help you avoid including a plagiarised passage to your paper.
  • Take notes while you go through the extract you want to rephrase. While reading the text, remember to write down some ideas that describe the sentence or paragraph you are reading. This technique will help you explain the source perfectly while using your own words.
  • Change the structure of the text you are rephrasing. This is quite handy especially for difficult passages that do not have a lot of words to play with.
  • Change the words from the sentence you want to paraphrase. By changing most of them, you can be sure your paraphrased sentence is different from the original one.
  • Be selective. Do not try to explain everything, instead, focus on describing the main arguments. This will make sure you capture the meaning of the text and avoid writing irrelevant sentences.
  • Proofread and edit your paper. This is vital to ensure your document is perfect. Just go through your text after you have finished writing it, and look for any mistake you may have made.

The Best Place to Learn How to Paraphrase

If you want to know how to paraphrase then we’re your destination, because we have numerous tools that you can take advantage of when learning, from our examples of paraphrasing to our hands-on professional help to completing your paraphrasing for you, whatever you need we’re here for! It doesn’t matter if you want to know how to paraphrase an article or how to paraphrase an essay.

You can find examples and specialized professional expertise and all the help you need on it right here. Our team of specialized writers can help you paraphrase different types of papers. They will use their expertise, flair for language, and creative mind to ensure your document is original, relevant and free of plagiarism.

We offer a plagiarism report that you can ask for with your order, as good as online editing service. If you want to double-check you can submit your paper as soon as you get it, as for our plagiarism report. We have listed some of the documents our professional team can help you with. Take a look at them:

  • Thesis
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  • Annotated bibliography
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  • And more!

Still don’t know how to paraphrase? We’ve got experts to help with your assignment!