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MLA Paraphrase Citation Guide

MLA Paraphrase

Paraphrasing at all can be a difficult and tedious task, but paraphrasing for MLA can be particularly difficult in that you have a clear responsibility to the content that you are paraphrasing. MLA is also known as the Modern Language Association style that is also commonly used in citing sources and writing papers. MLA paraphrase citation is a tedious and difficult task and you have the responsibility in ensuring that you have good content that is well paraphrased.

MLA paraphrasing requires you to cite your original source, which means that you need to be very accurate in maintaining the entire meaning of the original while still changing it enough for it not to be a direct quote. This is what makes paraphrasing MLA a tough task, and we’ve provided a few MLA paraphrase tips to help you through the process.
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Common Questions When Paraphrasing in MLA

If you are wondering how to paraphrase in MLA without being penalized for plagiarism, read the answer to these common questions. They will help you rephrase effectively:

How do you cite a paraphrase in MLA?

MLA how to paraphrase, you may be asking. If you are following an MLA paraphrase style, you should be aware of the rules. For in-text citations, you should include the author’s name and the page from where you took the extract. You can add the name at the beginning of the sentence (“Robert stated…”), or at the end in parenthesis along with the page number.

When paraphrasing do you have to cite every sentence?

For MLA paraphrase citation you will have to include a reference every time you have added an external source. If, for example, an entire paragraph you have written is based on an argument of the same person, you should only cite it at the end of the paragraph. But, if it contains different references, then, yes. You should cite every sentence.

Do you have to put a paraphrase in quotes?

You will only have to use quotes if you are writing the exact words of the author. Check our top paraphrase examples to learn more.

mla paraphrase example original  mla paraphrase example paraphrased

Paraphrase MLA Tips

There are some useful tips you can implement if you have to paraphrase MLA style. Following them will ensure your paraphrase citation MLA is accurate and will prevent you from using a plagiarised passage on your paper. To help you with your paraphrase, we have listed some tips you can use to ensure you paraphrase like a pro. Take a look at them:

  • When doing an MLA citation paraphrase the most important thing is that you maintain the original meaning completely if any adjustments you make change the meaning then you’ve defeated the purpose of paraphrasing and mislead the reader, which can be costly to your grade.
  • When paraphrasing in MLA don’t feel the need to change every word if there’s not a word that can adequately replace it then just leave it in and alter it through changes in structure and the context around it. If you feel like you can’t do it by yourself, then you might want to use the help of reliable paraphrasing service.
  • To paraphrase MLA you have to not just have a good knowledge of the content that you are paraphrasing specifically, but you should also know the context of it as well, so you can communicate the broader meaning in your MLA essay after the paraphrasing.
  • It’s important to make a distinction between what the author was intending to say and the words themselves, a true paraphrase isn’t just about copying the meaning of a piece of content in different words, it’s about communicating what the writer was intending to say so that nothing is lost.
  • Make sure you cite every reference that you include in your paper and quote any exact words you have copied.
  • When referencing in MLA style, there are different rules you should be aware of. Look for them before you start, as you will have to cite one or two authors differently than a group of writers or an article without an author’s name.
  • Remember to include the page number on your reference next to the author’s name.

MLA Paraphrase Citation

How to cite a direct quote: when incorporating a direct quotation, you need to cite the source. You need to use quotations within sentences to make sure that the sentences are grammatically correct. If your quotation has more than four lines, it is needed to use block format, one inch left a margin and double-spaced without any quotation marks.

  • MLA paraphrasing needs to cite the original source. This means that you need to be accurate in maintaining the meaning of the original text while changing it for not to be directly quoted. Because of this, it makes the paraphrasing MLA a difficult task. Here are the tips!
  • When it comes to MLA citation paraphrase, you need to maintain the original meaning completely. If you change the meaning, you defeat the purpose of paraphrasing. If you make adjustments, you should maintain the meaning.
  • In paraphrasing, you don’t need to change each word. If there are words that can’t be replaced, then you may leave them out. Just make sure to make changes in the context and structure.
  • To paraphrase MLA, you should not just have knowledge about the content but you need to know the context in order to communicate broader meaning.
  • When it comes to MLA format paraphrasing, you need to follow the rules or instructions provided to you. To get a high score, you always need to abide by what is the right thing to do. For more information, keep reading.
  • Citing after paraphrasing. After you put details using your own words, you need to cite original researcher or author, including the paragraph number/s
  • Citing information without page number/s. If the text doesn’t have page numbers that are the case for electronic sources, it still has paragraph numbers. You can use the abbreviation par or pars.
  • Citing two or more authors. When citing 2 or more authors, you need to put a comma after the last name of the author, add the title or a shortened version of the title; and page number.
  • Citing the author’s name that is not available. It is better to use the title of the book that includes quotation marks, italics format, and capitalization.
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Paraphrase Citation MLA: General Guidelines

Paraphrasing is restating others ideas using different words as well as sentence structure. With this, it is better to use a relevant topic and restate it. Changing some words is not enough because you completely paraphrase the author’s ideas. You don’t need to use quotation marks when you need to rephrase paragraphs. Just use new words.  It is important to use in-text citations when you are paraphrasing in order for the reader to know the details from another course.

  • Source information requires parenthetical citation depending on source’s entry and upon source medium.
  • MLA format follows an author page method of text citation that means that the page numbers and last name of the author from which paraphrase is taken should appear in the text.
  • For print sources such as magazines, newspapers, articles or books, you should provide the last name of the author and page number.
  • For the corporate author, it is important to include the name of the corporate author and the page number.
  • For no author, it is important to use a shortened title of the work than using the author’s name. Be sure to place the title in a quotation mark.
  • Include the main points and important information
  • State meaning of the text using different sentence structure and different words
  • Record bibliographic information
  • Check MLA paraphrase against the original text

It is hard to paraphrase citation but with the right tips, you know what you need to do. On the other hand, you may consult an expert to help you be started and come up with flawless paraphrasing results. Hire a professional for MLA paraphrase citation.

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