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Paraphrase My Article If You Can: Enchanting Paraphrasing Games to Try

What Problems Might I Encounter to Paraphrase My Article?

When you paraphrase what another person has said or written, it is not simply changing a word or two here and there or rearranging the sentences. Have you ever paraphrased paragraph? You know that paraphrase must be sufficiently distinct from the original text while conveying the author’s facts or conclusions accurately in your own unique style. Paraphrasing is often used to show your understanding of the ideas of the author, to help others by simplifying difficult concepts, when you want to change the emphasis of the ideas to better match your own work or wish to avoid too many direct quotes and risk losing your own voice.

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Many people find it difficult to express in other words what someone has written.To successfully paraphrase my essay requires having a full understanding of what’s been written so that you are able to break it down and simplify it for the reader while being extremely careful to choose different wording and not simply be a restatement using synonyms. It can be difficult to keep track of what you are writing and even some professional writers will unintentionally start using the same wording. Plagiarism can carry strict penalties which can lead to dismissal from your institution whether it was intentional or not so when comparing your rewritten paper to the original, keep in mind that any more than 3 duplicated words in a row constitutes as plagiarism.Most often students plagiarize unintentionally because they don’t know how to cite sources properly, cut and paste from e-resources or aren’t skilled enough in the arts of paraphrasing.

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Most Common Sources of Plagiarism Used to Paraphrase My Paragraph

A recent survey by the Pew Research Center found that many college presidents believe plagiarism has increased over the past decade with the vast majority (89%) laying the blame on the Internet. Another study carried out by the online plagiarism checker also blamed the Internet but gave a more in-depth perspective of the majority of sources people use to paraphrase my sentence. It pointed to social networking and P2P sharing sites as the originators of the highest proportion of content (35%) tied to plagiarism. 14.8% came from cheat sites and term paper mills, 13.5% came from news pages and less than 10% from encyclopedia websites such as Wikipedia.

What Is Being Done to Try and Combat Plagiarism When I Paraphrase My Essay?

Although plagiarism among college students is nothing new, some educators say students today are more likely to plagiarize because of the Internet. Plagiarism has always been a problem but the internet has made it a lot easier, it contains a huge for finding material which they don’t think their teachers can verify as not their own. People seem to believe that the material found online is free, or are somehow different from what you get out of a book or magazine. Many institutions are always searching for the best methods in which to crack down on plagiarism within paraphrase my paragraph assignments and here are the most used:

  • Online plagiarism software

The most prominent of these is the U.S. based online software solution called TurnItIn which scans papers for similarities with previous work. At universities who subscribe to TurnItIn, professors can submit student papers to the company’s website—and those papers remain in the TurnItIn database forever.TurnItIn then compares the submissions to all the other papers in its database. Within seconds, it spits back a detailed report on any matches.

  • Making paraphrasing fun

Popular activities which have been adopted by many colleges also include group activities where a sentence is written on a piece of paper and students take it in turn to produce a paraphrase of the sentence. This continues on with each student taking turns until someone can’t come up with something that hasn’t already been said.

  • Honour code

Many universities have an honour code where students agree to not cheat and report any cheating by other students. In some universities, the code has been widely respected and observed while others could find it difficult to introduce this culture of honesty in the short term. Nevertheless, it remains a worthy goal and may be possible to introduce within individual departments or faculties.

  • Meaningful conversations

Meaningful conversations with students can make learning more personal, immediate, and emotional.During this type of conversation, a student is forced to be accountable for their positions, to listen, analyze and adapt their thinking on the fly. This can be used to an advantage in encouraging paraphrasing skills by simplifying the term as put another way, you’re saying; so you’re saying that; is it fair to say that you believe; I hear you saying that.

  • Milestones

Adding milestones to assignments where students must also submit a preliminary draft of their work discourages them from the prospects of plagiarizing. It also helps them spread a larger writing task over a longer period of time, so students are not as likely to be in the situation where they are sorely tempted to take the easy way out of the assignment.

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