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How You Can Benefit from Paraphrase Sentence Example in UK

Why Do We Need Paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing is when you repeat what has already been said in your own words. We usually do this to make something easier to understand or to make it suitable for a different audience. This is surprisingly required when repurposing writing from the UK to be used in the US or vice versa. Despite English being a common language, it is surprisingly different when you compare what is said in each country. That’s why paraphrase sentence example in UK can be quite handy. You can also be interested in learning about paraphrase vs summarize and their differences.

Languages develop over time and English has many different roots that go back many thousands of years. As can be seen from the analysis done by Word Origins many of the earliest words have been borrowed from Latin and after the Norman conquest in 1066 we see many French words being used. This is not unusual for any language.
quote about paraphrasingWith the UK and the US being separated by a significant distance for hundreds of years it is not surprising that the languages have developed some significant differences. Because of the differences, it becomes important to rewrite work that is done in one country if you want to use it within the other and have it understood fully. Paraphrasing, in this case, is actually very similar in many ways to translation.

How to Paraphrase UK to US English: Example of Paraphrase Sentence in UK

Paraphrasing is not a matter of just working through the text to change some of the spelling and swap a few words as a piece of software might do. Paraphrasing is about repeating the full meaning with totally new phrasing and words. You do not want to have a problem with plagiarism if too much of your text still reflects the original. To do paraphrasing successfully you should follow these steps:

  • Read the original text until you are sure that you fully understand what is being said
  • Make some notes using your own words of each of the points that are raised
  • Be sure that you fully understand the expectations of the audience that you are rewriting for
  • Arrange your notes into order for your rewriting
  • Rewrite using only the notes that you made and without any referral to the original
  • Compare the two versions and change anything that has repeated the original text
  • Ensure that the language used in your new version is suitable for your new audience (US)
  • Proofread to eliminate any writing errors

Paraphrase Sentence Example in UK English

The easiest way to see what you need to do is through looking at a paraphrase example sentence in UK English converted for a US audience. The following samples will give you some good guidance as to what you need to do:

English Sentences:

He pulled on his trousers and jumper before walking out into the cold Autumn air.
He called 999 when the saucepan on the cooker caught fire.
He ran as fast as he could to ensure that he did not miss his connection on the underground but, his trainers came loose and he fell.

Paraphrase for the US:

He dressed in his sweater and pants before going out into the cool Fall climate.
The pan on the stove caught alight so he had to call 911.
He fell while running to catch his subway train because his sneaker became loose causing him to miss it.

Take a look at our example of paraphrasing paragraphs Australia

The following are some other words that have very different meanings in the US and the UK:

  • UK – US
  • Jumper – Sweater
  • Tap – Faucet
  • Tin – Can
  • Flat – Apartment
  • Lift – Elevator
  • Ground Floor – First floor
  • First Floor – Second Floor
  • Second Floor – Third Floor (Confusing?)
  • Torch – Flashlight
  • Chips – Fries
  • Crisps – Chips
  • Holiday – Vacation
  • Cooker – Stove
  • Jam – Jelly
  • Jelly – Jello
  • Trousers – Pants

The above example of paraphrase sentence in UK English to US does not even consider the differences in spelling such as color vs color and Specialise vs specialize. These spelling differences also need to be considered when doing your paraphrasing. As Chiara Crassilli says:

“If we compare translation and paraphrasing, we observe that the first one represents the preservation of meaning when an idea is rendered in the words in a different language, whereas the latter is the preservation of meaning when an idea is expressed using different words in the same language. It is obvious that the two processes are related”.

For paraphrasing from UK to US English, you really do need to consider the many different meanings of the words being used to ensure that you do not change the meaning of the original text unintentionally. Therefore, just like with translation you will need to have an expert understanding of the two “languages” being used.

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