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Best Paraphrasing Service Expert Advice: Do Your Rewriting in 5 Steps

Why Might You Need Our Best Paraphrasing Services?

Paraphrasing involves taking what someone else has already written and then completely changing the word order which was used but keeping the same meaning. This is often done to simplify the original work in order to make it easier for the reader to understand or to incorporate their writing into your own so that you don’t have to rely on too many quotations. It is always difficult to express someone else’s ideas in a different way so you have to ensure you concentrate and remove any plagiarism issues as this becomes an essential factor with another’s material rendition which needs to be avoided or you will suffer the consequences, which in some cases can be quite severe. One of the most difficult tasks is to paraphrase poetry.

When you paraphrase another writer’s work, whether a sentence, paragraph or many pages, you are trying to take the essence of what they are saying but rewriting it with completely different words to try and make it easier for people to understand. This may not seem difficult from the outset but it requires more than using synonyms to change a few words, you first need to have a complete understanding of what is written and then be able to rewrite it in a way that accurately delivers the same meaning. Try to paraphrase essay online, to see how difficult it is.  To make this even harder, academic rules state that no more than 3 consecutive words may be used from the original work or you will be guilty of committing plagiarism.

In a recent survey which was carried out, about 50,000 students from over 60 different campuses were interviewed with up to 70% admitting to cheating in one form or another and half of these to outright plagiarism on essay assignments either through using Wikipedia or buying from the many paraphrases it for me type services which exist. Other sources also find that students hurrying to complete written assignments can be careless with taking notes for including source materials and their citations when carrying out research, revealing many examples of unintentional plagiarism due to carelessness.

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Professional Help with Paraphrasing to Overcome Common Problems

An experienced teacher knows that to learn good paraphrasing skills is essential in completing any academic writing assignments and remains a vital skill for English language learners to participate in college classrooms, everyday conversations, social situations and commercial transactions.

The biggest problem you will face however when engaging in your rewriting activity will be plagiarism, that and keeping the original authors meaning while trying to simplify it for your readers or incorporate it into your own work without having to quote all the time. To assist you further expand your knowledge on what is a good way to carry out good paraphrasing, our experts have drawn up a list of helpful tips which may help prepare you for the hard task ahead:

  • Read and re-read the original source carefully until you are confident that you completely understand the meaning of the work
  • Choose small sections at a time to paraphrase, this is much easier than trying to complete large chunks all at once
  • Ignore the phrasing or wording of the original work and focus on the meaning of the section you intend to paraphrase
  • When you write the paraphrase, always cover the original source so that you put the meaning of it into your own words
  • If paraphrasing large texts, try to change the structure of each paragraph
  • If you must use any phrases that are an original quote, place them in quotation marks
  • Don’t just change a couple of words and keep the original wording. At best, doing this is poor paraphrasing and at worst, even if accidental is a type of plagiarism
  • Always double check that each paraphrased section represents the meaning of the original source
  • Try and replace keywords by using their definitions instead
  • Switching the order of the original is a great way to begin a paraphrase. This will help to ensure that you adjust the grammar and so help you avoid plagiarizing
  • Keep checking that you have used your words and your way of expressing ideas or information and not just changing words around or putting them into a different order
  • Paraphrases should be roughly the same length as the original. Making your paraphrase shorter may leave out important information. However, if it is too much longer than the original, you may be adding in your own ideas and will not be clear to the reader where the source information stops and your additions begin.

Sally Baggett, Author & writing tutor says:

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Why Not Try Our Professional Help with Paraphrasing?

As a professional service, we understand that there is a lot of pressure on turning in outstanding work in order to get the best grades possible which is why we offer a fully inclusive range of ‘paraphrase it for me’ services to help alleviate some of the stress involved. We offer you advanced rewriting services through some of the best experts which are available online to give you high quality and dedicated help from fully qualified and experienced writers to create a unique paper. All writing is thoroughly tested for plagiarism and proofread to the highest of levels.

So if you want to have the best paraphrasing service assist you, get in touch now through our online website here today.